Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dominican Republic

Hi fello bloggers, I'm back! The last 7 days have been spent sitting on the beach, relaxing, spending time with the hubby and great friends, drinking delicious yummy drinks, eating, and oh yea more drinking. Our good friends Chris and RaeAnn got married in the DR and we are so excited that we were able to be a part of it! I came back with a tan- my one goal, however, I'm peeling. Extremely bad. Not really a part of my body that isn't peeling, which means I'll be white again in a few days, ha. When will I learn that laying out for 4 hours after not seeing the sun in months is NOT a good idea?!
We got back late Wednesday night, Thursday was spent doing what seemed like never ending laundry, hitting the gym again (that felt oh so good), cleaning the house, etc. Friday I was up bright and early to hit the gym again and then helped Ashley set up for two weddings. I then rushed home, showered, and hurried over to a great friend of mine- Kirsten's house. Julie and I threw her and her fiance Daniel a surprise engagement/housewarming party. It turned out great and pics to come on that soon! Tonight we will celebrate Chris and Rae again as they are having their Wichita reception, looking forward to having another great night with friends!
Sorry in advance for the picture overload.
Here are some pics from the trip, enjoy!
Just arriving into Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Beach at Dreams Palms Resort

One of the several pools, we spent most of our time at the pool with the swim up bar:)

Me and Rae- I believe this is the day I spent a little too long in the sun... I blame this on the book I was reading.

Me, Katie, and Stacy- the night before the wedding all the girls went out together and guys went out together.

The hubs, me, and Nick (Pat's old roommate)

A day some of us ventured off of the resort and found this yummy restaurant!

Happy Wedding Day Chris and Rae! Right before the wedding, the weather was absolutely perfect!

Wedding ceremony location

Anxiously awaiting his bride:)

So beautiful!

The newly Mr. & Mrs. Wirths!

All the girls..

And all the boys..

Post wedding heading to the after party.

Party boat day! Taking a bus to get on our catamaran.

Such a beautiful beach!

View from top deck of party boat. This is the life..

Dinner one night with Tyler and Stacy.

YES! THIS IS PITBULL!!!! I'm so glad I chased him down to get a picture:) He stayed at our resort!

Oh just hanging in the lobby bar with a great glass of moscato..

Getting ready to dune buggy, I was a little scared but they were a blast! We went to a beautiful beach, coffee plantation, and an awesome cave!

Maybe I was a little scared because my driver was drinking these!

So much fun!

Last was not ready to leave.

We stopped at a great Italian restaurant on the way to the airport. Yum!

Heading to the airport (do you see how bad I'm peeling?!) Me and Pat were squished into a itty bitty backseat...
Well folks that is the recap from trip. Time to start planning the next one:) Have a great weekend, loving this BEAUTIFUL weather!
Much Love~

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