Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cupcakes & Cocktails

Ms. Cortney the Bride-to-Be, isn't she beautiful!?!
My younger sister Cortney is getting married June 30th, holy cow, can't believe it's almost two months away, man time is flying! Cortney is the complete opposite of me in every way you can imagine, sometimes I wish I could be as laid back as she is.. anywho she's not a a big fan of planning things you could say so I've gotten the opportunity to help a lot with her wedding, which in all honesty has been more fun than planning my own, I'm so much more LESS stressed out that it's not my own.
I was especially excited to plan her shower, I've been envisioning it for months now! This past Saturday, 4/21 we hosted her Bridal Shower at my Mom's house- the theme was Cupcakes & Cocktails, which I was beyond excited for. My great friend Tessa designed the invites and table cards for me, all of which turned out perfect.
Saturday couldn't have been a more perfect day, the shower started at 7:00pm, there was not an ounce of wind (very rare in KS) and we all sat around in my parents backyard where we had tiki torches and a fire pit going when it started to get a bit chilly.

Can of Dates- As each guest arrived they were to fill out a "Date Card" with
a date idea for Cortney and David to use throughout their
marriage, got to keep that spark alive!

Main food table filled with delicous home made desserts by my Mom, Grandma, and Me!

Tissue Pom Centerpieces. Found these candlestick holders at Goodwill and spraypainted them.
BUT let me tell you, these are not a quick project...hours and hours were spent
on these darn things, but turned out cute huh?!

Pink Champagne (High Heel) Cupcakes. These were a hit, and they're just
so darn cute!

Marshmallow Puffs

Cake Batter Dip (tasts exactly like the name...yuuuummmm)
Wedding Cupcakes, miniature size

Pink Lemonade Bundt Cake
Picture Collage of Cort & David, such cute little lovebirds!

Drink Table
Each guest left with another sweet treat as a Thank You for coming

Sisters, great ending to the night:) Love you both so much!
Looking forward to her next shower in a couple of weeks, this one is a couple's shower, should be fun. My ideas are already turning for the bachelorette party in June can't wait!

Much Love~


  1. Amber those tissue pom holders are so cute! You should post a tutorial :)

  2. ummmm, i agree with Mon ... tutorial needed! so funny story, found your blog because i fell in love with the girl holding a green umbrella. THEN realized we have some of the same friends (Monica for one). Fun!

  3. How cool and random is that!? Small world sometimes! I must say I'm already obsessed with your blog! I'm a new blogger..so still learning all of this stuff, but hope to have something like what you do, so fun!

  4. oh my gosh!! this is sooo stinkin adorable!! xo