Saturday, October 27, 2012

Remodel: Kitchen

Happy Weekend All! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather today! So I've been a little mia from the blog world but have been consumed with various other projects..and I'm pleased to announce that our kitchen is FINALLY completed.
Let's talk about this kitchen a bit. As you will see from the before pictures, it was in bad shape, a lot needed done to it, and that was the first big project to be completed after we bought our house last April. Patty boy ensured me it'd be a piece of cake. In his exact words, "Oh yea, we'll have this done by the time you move in after the wedding" (which was in September). Now a year later, the kitchen is finally done. We soon realized after starting, we weren't quite sure what we were getting ourselves in to. We both had decided on concrete counter tops, and of course Pat, being the ambitious/determined guy he is thought he would attempt to do them himself.
I can't even begin to explain the amount of time these took with lots of trial and error involved in the process. But they are a success and I couldn't be more proud of my guy! After we put in the new counter tops, we replaced the back splash, put in a new range hood, sink, and lighting. We also painted and put in all new appliances. What did I partake in during this process you may ask? Well I did do most of the painting, and I put in all the new hardware which I was pretty proud of- ha. Boy- that sucked though, I am now even more appreciative of the extremely hard work Pat put into this.
So here it is, the newly remodeled kitchen!

This picture actually shows the new appliances, we took the old ones immedidately out, they were terrible!
Gosh- isn't that backsplash pitiful? The flowers just had to go.


I think the new rangehood may be one of my favorite things, I love the design of it and how much it opens up the kitchen!

I love the new lighting. It was hard to figure out what to put on the ceiling since it is slanted, but I think this turned out great. I'm so bummed I don't have a picture of the before lighting, omg- it was terrible. It was one of those long fluorescent lights, big and boxy, and just plain ugly.


Sink is also ten times better now, I love the under mount sink we went with!

Well there you have it! I think the finished product turned out great. We are working on finishing the master bathroom up this weekend so a blog to come on that project as well!



  1. Looks Great Amber!!!
    xoxo Danielle

  2. LOVE IT! :) you have such a great eye for design!

  3. You guys did such a great job! Kitchens are my favorite part of a house.

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