Monday, October 29, 2012

Remodel: Bathroom

Ready for Round 2 on remodels? 
We have been busy busy with house projects. However, after the whole kitchen ordeal (if you haven't seen this post check out the Projects tab on my home page) the bathroom turned out to be a piece of cake. It was started, attempted, and completed all in one week. Not bad, not bad at all.
Part of the deal while house searching with Pat is that I wanted two bathrooms upstairs, soo glad that we found a house that did just so. As you may know about me, I'm very picky, particular, and clean- Pat not so much. Therefore, sharing bathrooms would just not end well. However, this past week I had to move into his while we started refinishing my bathroom. We set some ground rules and it turned out just fine:) The week flew by and we ended all finishing touches yesterday.
The remainder of the weekend was fun. Friday was spent at an "At Home Wine Party" hosted by our good friends Gary/Amanda. A host comes in and pours samples of multiple kinds of wines in which is paired with different snacks. You then have a chance to order any of the wine that was sampled. Super fun idea! Saturday night Pat and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert, holy amazieness. She is simply incredible, it was an awesome show! I took some clients from work so we were able to have dinner beforehand and then had great seats in the loge box, great night!


Lovely pink/white counter and backsplash along with some nice gold lighting...



Next on the list- basement. Super ready for this project, this will definitely be a lengthy one.



  1. AMAZING!! Love it! :) Nice work you two!

  2. Bonus on the wine party:) and glad the concert was fun!! This looks awesome-such a big difference! Nice job!!

  3. The bathroom looks great Amber! Very impressed :)

  4. oh wow the remodel looks beautiful! I love your blog!

  5. Wowza. This looks awesome Amber!! Absolutely love it!