Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Wraps

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great, busy but good. But that means I am one day closer to the day we leave for vaca! I spent the weekend helping with a beautiful wedding, had a meeting with a bride to discuss her wedding in September, and attended my friend Rae's bridal shower (wedding overload but I love it). After the bridal shower we got our nails done, I of course had to go with something bright and loud in honor of vacation- something that screams FUN:)

Here are a few pics of Rae's bridal shower brunch, thrown by two friends Katie and Stacy.
They did a great job!

I need motivation to get through these last two days of mind is already laying on the beach with a cocktail in hand - no phone, no computer, no technology, can't wait.

RaeAnn and Chris will be getting married this Friday- 8/31/12 in the Dominican Republic. I and Patty boy along with 50 other of their closest friends/family are making the journey with them to celebrate their big day. (As I think to myself why didn't I do a destination wedding?!?!) Our one year anniversary so happens to also be less than a month away so we decided to get our bang for our buck and stay a few days extra as a cheers to making it one year:) I kid I kid- here's to MANY more years to come.

Rae and Chris left this morning..which makes me even more antsy to know that they have already arrived and the party has begun. Sigh..I. can. do. it. I sure hope I get some sort of a tan, this white girl hasn't seen the sun all summer. In the meantime I will spend the next two nights packing (which I have continued to put off), because I HATE PACKING! I just like to have options, and being confined to one suitcase does not give me a lot of that..ugh, dreading it. So I will completely, way-overpack, which I always do, but hey better than to not have enough right?!

Adios- I will be back after the trip! Have a safe and happy Labor Day!

Much Love~

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