Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Takin' the GOLD!

The Summer Olympics are my fav. Especially gymnastics, I absolutely love it. Men's and Women's. I sit in awe watching them, and am completely amazed by their talent. I wonder to myself, how in the world do they get their body to move like that? I could barely do a cartwheel back in the day, and can say there is no way I'd be able to do one now, however I can do a back bend (does that count for anything?),
 thanks to yoga that is.

I sit clutching my fists, starting to get clammy, and tell Pat- shhhh be quiet, during each segment, praying they don't fall, trip, and will stick their landings.

Last night the fab 5 took home the GOLD, and yes, I was in tears and had instant goosebumps when they announced the final scores. (I start to get the chills again just writing this) What an amazing accomplishment!
How awesome would that feeling be? Doesn't probably get much better than winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Way to go girls, you made me so proud! USA USA USA!!

This makes me reminisce back to 1996, the last time the women's gymnastics team took home the GOLD. I remember this so vividly (and I don't remember a lot), my sister and I were obsessed with Dominique Moceanu. Those girls were my role models and I wanted to be just like them. It seems like that was just yesterday, was it really 16 years ago???? Holy cow.
 I still love those girls and like to read about where they are now. Gymnasts are just simply amazing.

Happy Hump Day!!

Much Love~

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