Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday FAVS

TGIF!! Cheers to the weekend!

1. Nutella. How have I not tried this stuff before? Simply pure deliciousness. Rich, creamy, very few ingredients, made with skim milk and cocoa. A little bit of this on a graham cracker = yummo.
2. Fake Bake. I do not see the sunlight much these days since I pretty much live in a dungeon all day AKA an office that has no window. I've also banned tanning beds after I tanned every day in college, figured I had ruined my skin enough. Any who this stuff is AWESOME. Perfect shade of "tan" lasts for a few days and rubs in great. Must try.
3. I'm loving anything peplum right now, from shirts to skirts to dresses they are all adorable and I must find a great piece. Loving this eyelet top from Pim & Larkin.
4. These new academy blazers from are too cute. Love all the colors they come in, and would be a great essential to my fall wardrobe.
5. Ordered the deborah lippman nail polish and am quite impressed. Love the greenish color with added sparkle. GREAT color!

Much Love~


  1. I am in need of a good fake bake product. Might just have to try this!

    1. p.s. those blazers ... they are making me cry. I want fall to be here soooo bad!

  2. Love that blazer!! :) I'm gonna have to update you on my H&M shopping trip - LOVE that store!!