Friday, August 17, 2012

C&D Tie the Knot:: Part 1

My sister got married 6.30.12, remember I gave you a sneak peek HERE. First I'm going to start with the story...the story leading up to the wedding....which was quite interesting to say the least. Let me give you a recap.

The Friday before the wedding, I, my sister, Mom, and Ashley met at the reception venue for a final walk through. The event coordinator on-site walks into the room, and says she needs
to tell us something.
My heart instantly dropped. She began to explain, "Cortney, you cannot have your wedding here next weekend, the fire marshals came in yesterday and are shutting the building down."
Long pause.........
Then lots of tears begin to start, lots and lots of tears.
Ashley and I try to hold it together, and we politely ask the coordinator to give us a few minutes. I was panicking inside, but trying to hold it together for my sister. Where in the world were we going to find a place to hold 300 PEOPLE in less than a week????

So...after some more yelling, crying, etc. we began to search, and search, and search. You name it, we called it. Most people laughed at us on the phone, they thought we were kidding. Finally, after 4 hours of searching, we found an open venue. After going back and forth with the owner about money, as well as trying to get the new venue secured, we did it. I was determined to not let my sister down, there was no way her wedding was going to be ruined. Seriously, could there be a worse wedding nightmare?? Not that I can think of.

Ultimately, what mattered most was that Cortney and David got married, and began their lives together on this special day.

Part 1 includes pictures that I love, they are so stinking cute, and I couldn't be happier to have David a part of our family now:)

Cortney's "something blue" I got her as part of a bridal shower gift.

Getting beautified from Jamie with MAC

Youngest sister Paige

The Bride!

She is just stunning.

Time to put the dress on.

LOVED her dress.

Picture perfect. (Check out her bouquet! My Mom made all bouquets and bouts, they turned out great)

The bride and bridesmaids.

All the maids.


Her hair looks great in this one too!

Mom with her daughters.

Dad walking his little girl down the aisle..still gives me tears

Love how playful this is!
I started with a 7 MIN speech, but Pat convinced me to cut it down some lol... still ended up being a bit too long - oops!

Now the tears my case the ugly tears.

Love my sister SO much!

Best man speech- David's bro Nick.

How precious is this?! What a wonderful Dad we have..

David's firefighter crew came up with the truck!

So "giddy" and in love:)

Dad and his girls.


So perfect for each other!

Stay tuned, tomorrow on Part 2 will be all the decor details:)

Much Love~

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