Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Wraps

Whew. What. A. Week. I'm too exhausted to even go into detail about how crazy my week has been, and this week will probably be about the same...vaca is in the near future though.

Patty boy and I did get a quick date night in though, which was nice, and that's about the only time I saw him this week, we then attempted to watch a movie, but guess what? Yep, I fell asleep within the first ten minutes. I suck.

We checked out the new BJ's Brewhouse...awwww delish! I worked for BJ's back when I lived down in Dallas, since then this place definitely places in my top 5. I'm so glad to see that they have put one in ta town, we're moving up in the world.

I also got to bust out my new kicks (shout out to my great friend Rae!!) I've been wanting a pair of these bad boys for some time now, and came home Friday and found them on my door step. So far I'm quite impressed, awesome design newton, awesome.

Much Love~

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