Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Day

Our one year anniversary has come and gone, our night was great- relaxing and low key just the way we like things. Well, we actually celebrated all weekend. Sunday morning after Church we had brunch with Pat's Mom and James- it was delish. On a side note, brunch at the Terradyne Country Club = A+. We then went to the Lion King show that evening. I was a little nervous about what Pat would think of a broadway show, but he liked it! And I LOVED it! The costumes were absolutely incredible, singing- top notch, just loved the whole thing.
Monday Pat made me breakfast and I made him dinner, both turnd out great:) Sounds like a good tradeoff right?! I made blackened chicken with an avacado cream sauce and cilantro lime brown rice. I wanted to make a healthy dinner because our dessert was totally not so healthy. We shared another bottle of some wine we brought back from the Dominican along with our one year anniversary cake. Part of our cake package was that we would receive a fresh remake of the top tier of our wedding cake for our one year, and it was just as good as I had remembered! I also got some beautiful flowers sent to my office today with the sweetest little note ever, my guy is such a sweetie. Way to make a Monday better!

Pat also opened his gift (remember I was stumped on what to get him after he surprised me with a camera?!) Well- he is a huge Nebraska fan (I know, I know..) and has never been up to a game before, and has been talking about it FOREVER! So I was sneaky and ordered him tickets. His face was priceless! Totally worth it:)
Much Love~

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