Thursday, September 27, 2012

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees...

So a month ago or so I ordered a few things from good ole' Nordy's (Wichita is not lucky enough to have a I have to shop online). Any way, with my purchase I got to choose a few "free" sample items which I was super pumped about! Anything free is always good right?

I received my package, along with the samples and seriously fell in love with this face creme. I rarely use any type of moisturizers, scrubs, peels, you name it, don't use it. Never worth the money in my mind I guess, until I used this stuff- AmorePacific Time Respose Skin Renewal Creme. Holy cow. I felt like a different person wearing this stuff, it took my make up to a whole different level. I was hooked and when my sample only lasted a few days, I decided I must order some of these to die for skin creme.

Went online..looked it up. My mouth dropped open. Was I reading this correctly???
This pretty little container below is a measly 1.7 oz., that's it. The pretty penny on this - $450.
Shut the front door. Who in their right mind can afford something like this??? I sure can't. I'm so upset.
 1. Because seriously what normal people can spend this kind of money on face creme?
2. Because I finally found a skin creme I love, and will never be able to own any...

Sigh..oh well. Life goes on I suppose. Just needed to vent about this crazieness.



  1. holy freaking moly. that's a lot of $$. no wonder rich people are pretty! :)

  2. That's like a car payment! lol I like trying those monthly beauty subscription services that send you monthly deluxe sized samples in the mail but I have been disappointed a few times when the full sized item is WAY too pricey. I love the philosophy take a deep breath face cream at Ulta and Sephora :)

  3. I know right?! Ooo love philosophy products will have to check into that:)