Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday FAVS

 Ola' Blog World - Happy Friday! This week has been a bit nutso as I'm still trying to get my head above water from being out of the office for so long. Whew- needless to say I'm ready for a relaxing night with my hubs! We plan to bust out a bottle of the wine we brought back from the Dominican - yum! I'm also supposed to help dig up some old trees in the backyard to make room for new trees...doesn't sound like much fun to me. It has been raining though, so I may be lucky enough to get out of it this week as we may have to postpone:) Speaking of trees- this brings me to another thought.
So our ONE year anniversary is Monday, holy cow, I really cannot believe it has been a year. We had decided that we were not going to do gifts..since we had gone to the Dominican Republic that was AKA- our one year present to each other. Worked for me. However, the night before the trip I was majorly stressing out because my camera had broken and I could not go on vaca without a camera! Pat informed me I wouldn't be able to use my iphone at all so I was super bummed and grouchy. I had just gotten out of the shower and found a rather large gift on the couch- hmm what could this be? "Pat who is this for??"
Well it was for me, AND it was a brand new camera- how sweet! He said it was an early anniversary present. Crap. I thought we weren't going to do gifts. So now I've been scrambling to figure something out. He told me he'd appreciate a new shop vac- for real? No way- sorry dude, not going to buy you that for our anniversary. We also had discussed a new mattress- nope can't afford that, we'll just have to have sore backs for awhile longer. He decided he wanted some new trees for the backyard and if I'd help him plant them etc. he said that's all he wanted. So I agreed to it. But I thought that still just isn't very I've come up with an AWESOME idea, but can't share until I give to him:) I'm so excited!!
So... what are your plans for the weekend?

1. Got these super cute Engagement / Housewarming Cookies from a new place in Wichita- Cake Face Bake Shop. Their stuff is top notch, seriously you must try. Houses with their new address number, bride/groom's initials, and an engagement ring. Just loved them!
2. My new iPhone case. Is it bad that I may love the case more than the phone?
3. There is seriously nothing more peaceful that waking up to this. With the cooler weather we've been having we have had many more visitors. Makes me miss living in the country just a tad.
4. Patty boy and I finally ventured to Chick-fil-a, haven't had it since I lived in Dallas, and I forgot how good it is!
5. Totally loving my turquoise nails with an ombre sparkle. LOVE LOVE.
6. I found this fun bag in the DR. Love the bold green on it.

 Much Love~


  1. i can't wait to see your pictures from the D.R.! I want to go back already..... paradise!

  2. You can view a few of them here :) -
    where did you stay at when you went?