Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Wraps

1. Our dog is too funny, we got home from breakfast and found him stuck under the table. 2. Perfect day at the pool, 3rd book of Hunger Games, my hubs, lots of tanning oil, and lots and lots of sunshine. 3. Buddy boy finally got a bath, he was completely covered in mud, so muddy that Pat had to carry him from outside directly to the bathtub, I wouldn't let him touch the ground. 4. Super pumped with my great find- Gianni Bini Dress that I have been wanting all summer, found it on sale from $108 to $37, woohoo! 5. Great bike ride Saturday afternoon. 6. This is Pat after the bike ride, it was only 105 outside and the boy acted like he was going to die. 7. Finally got to meet baby Kaylee, she is absolutely precious!
8. Sangria = Delish.

This was the first weekend in quite a while that the hubs and I had nothing planned, it was such a nice change of pace, sometimes weekends like this turn out to be the best weekends.

We started on Thursday by meeting baby Kaylee Marie, our friend's Nick and Ashley Topping's daughter. She was born June 21st, and I've been dying to meet her!! She is truly absolutely perfect, and we couldn't be happier for them! If only they lived closer!

Friday night I had a girls night with my mother in law Cindy and my Mom, as well as a few other girls, we had dinner, drinks, and saw Magic Mike, and I sure was not disappointed:) We had such a great time!

On Saturday the hubs and I slept in, and then headed to the pool. I think this is actually the first time I've been to a pool all summer, slightly pathetic. I then convinced him to go on a bike ride with me, in the scorching couldn't be too bad right?! Well we both survived, but I would not recommend doing this in the middle of the day with a 100+ temperatures. We did a few things around the house, then showered, got ready and headed to church. I left in tears, the message was that powerful. I felt like God wanted Pat and I to be there, it was amazing, and God is good! We then headed to El Dorado to celebrate Jordon's 18th birthday (Pat's -Dad's girlfriend- Valerie's- son). After that we felt like we needed to go sit on a patio somewhere and have a few drinks, so we went to Abuelos, and then it started pouring, so we ended up back inside. Either way Sangria is amazing and a perfect end to an awesome day.

Sunday we slept in again, awww amazing. I have been wanting to try Louie's coffee dive in Goddard, so we drove out there and was so disappointed to find it was closed, so after driving around Wichita trying to agree on a breakfast restaurant we ended up at The Beacon downtown, my first experience there. The food was great, but I'm a germ freak, and I'm pretty sure our waitress was on drugs, so I don't think I'll be back ha. Pat decided he needed some more v-necks...seriously?! Can the boy venture out to anything besides v-necks??? So we did some shopping, I would say it was successful. We also stopped in at the new Fresh Market- amazing, I could spend hours in there. However, next time I'll be sure to not bring patty boy there with me...because everything I wanted to get, he had reasons on why we did not need it. We did walk away with  few good purchases though, I love finding unique, healthy, and every once in awhile a few not so healthy foods:)

I don't think I have a free weekend now until the 3rd week in August, holy cow. Here we go- back to go- go- go, but that just means we are getting closer to August 29th= VACATION.

Much Love~

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