Monday, July 16, 2012

Daddio's New Ride

Wowserz- what a weekend this was. I feel like I got off work Friday, blinked, and am back to work already! The weekend was spent with family, family, and oh yea more family which was nice.

So I think my Dad wants to be 25 again, ha. Well he had a camero back in highschool, the car him and my Mom had their first date in, and if he could do anything, he wished he never would have sold it. For the last I can't remember how many years, he's been talking and talking about how he wants to get another 67' camero, the exact same as the one he had back in highschool. His dream has finally became a reality.

It's great to see your parents be able to do what they really love, after all of the time and money they have given to us girls over the years and now being able to see them "have fun" and do things for themselves makes me so happy. My parents have worked so hard for what they have and if anyone deserves this enough, it is my Dad. I see many more car shows for patty boy and I in the near future:) My Dad's neighbor Jeremy (they have become the best of buds) also entered his camero (the orange one below), he has won "best camero in show" the last two years, pretty cool.

Much Love~

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