Monday, July 23, 2012

Motivate Me Monday it really Monday already?! I even had a 3-day weekend and the time still went by too fast. I had an amazing lake trip with patty boy and friends, stay tuned for pics. As much as I dreaded getting up at 4:45 this morning, I'm glad that I did it...this is what's motivating me on this Monday.

Turbokick this am was great, I needed that cardio after a weekend that was spent acting like I was in college again..

Check out these super cute cell phone cases...I'm torn on colors, which is your fav??? AND what is even better is they come personalized with your name on the back, adorable. How can I ever decide?!

Buddy boy, oh how I missed him and so could have pictured this cute little big guy riding around with us in the boat all day, he sure had fun with auntie paige all weekend though.

35 days. THIRTY FIVE days. Until we leave for the Domincan Republic and I'm off for not one day, but NINE DAYS.....ahhhhhhhh this is what is really motivating me!

PS- Did you watch the finale of the Bachelorette last night?? Even though I was exhausted I stayed up and watched my DVR until after 11...balling my eyes out, I sure hope they make it, I'm such a sap for love.

Here's to another extremely busy week..

Much Love~


  1. Ohh i like ur blog n i like yellow teal n blue

  2. Thanks! I do love the yellow/teal one wish I could buy them all..