Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cirque Du Baby Shower

I LOVE to plan parties. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Babyshowers, etc. I know this has been awhile back now, but wanted to blog about a babyshower I planned for a great friend of mine last summer. Tessa did not know what she was having, so she wanted the shower to be a gender neutral shower that would work for either. The theme of the shower was Cirque du Baby which I absolutely loved. We chose to use the colors of red, yellow, and turquoise and I think it turned out great! The shower was a couple's shower and took place outside at a family friend's house. It was definitely hot out, but that didn't stop the fun.
Tessa and Garrett had a great turn out and got lots of great gifts for baby Banks.
Since the babyshower had a "circus theme" I filled large jars with circus peanuts, cracker jacks, and animal crackers for guests of the party to snack on throughout the night. The red shutters held "baby wish" cards for each guest to fill out as they arrived to the party and hang to display. The popcorn container had a piece of styrofoam which I covered with popcorn and then stuck in the swirled lollipops and wooden b-a-b-y letters.

This was the drink station- I made a large container of lemonade with striped yellow straws I ordered from The straws each had flags that varied from "Baby Konen" and "Cirque Du Baby". Then of course underneath the table were more refreshements in coolers.

Tables were scattered around the pool for guests to sit at. The above centerpieces were placed on each table. The center piece I made from old paint cans, which I bought a roll of tickets and hot glued the tickets around the can, topping with a colorful piece of ribbon. I then filled the paint cans with dirt and placed assorted flowers in each.

The two end centerpieces were popcorn containers that I had found and filled with styrofoam and then topped with popcorn. I ordered paper pinwheels from another etsy shop and stuck three in each container.

Tessa's friend Alli brought the cupcakes. The animals and clowns went perfect with the circus theme!

The Happy parents, Tessa & Garrett!

Much Love~

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