Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I believe..

 I love this so thought I'd repost..
I believe that the way kids turn out are based on how they were raised by their parents.

I believe anything you set your mind to will happen with hard work and perseverance.

I believe in treating others like you want to be treated.


I believe in saying Please and Thank You

I believe in God, that Jesus died for my sins, and that I will be in a better place one day.

I believe you are what you eat. And if not now, it will catch up with you.

I believe that chocolate will always make me happy.

I believe in good, honest friendships, the ones that will tell you your outfit makes you look fat.

I also believe in quality of friendships, not quantity.

I believe the world we live in is to involved with everyone else's lives, as to why I take "breaks" from social media.

I believe reading is good for the mind.

I believe in a good cup of coffee.


I believe in always being put together, except for those days you just need to stay in your PJ's.

I believe the world is a scary mess, and am scared for what my children will have to grow up in one day.

I believe people give up to easy on marriage.

I believe in adoption.

I believe in bright colors.

I believe in wishing on shooting stars.

I believe it is better to give than to receive.

I believe in working for what you have. No one learns anything by having everything handed to them.

I believe laughing until you cry is one of the best stress relievers.

I believe that anything pumpkin flavored should be available all year long.

I believe in girl time.

I believe in taking care of your body.

I believe that sometimes you just have to call into work and take a day for "you".

I believe you should work to live, not live to work.

I believe in eating dinner together as a family.

I believe in owning a few expensive, quality pieces.

I believe in always wearing heels.

I believe in our country and am so thankful to be so privileged.

I believe in love.

I believe in taking pride in what you own.

I believe in not living together before marriage.

I believe in a clean and uncluttered house. Clean house = happy girl.

I believe success is not measured by money.

Linked up with Living in Yellow (I know I'm way to late on this) ...but better late than never right?

What do you believe in??
Much Love~


  1. Stumbled upon your blog from Pinterest! Love it! I'm also in Wichita, small world :)

    1. Small world! Thanks for following- I will have to check out yours:)

  2. New follower from the link up! Welcome to the blogging world!


    1. Thanks for following! Love your blog layout, may have to contact the girl that did yours!

  3. Love your beliefs Amber! You are adorable ... and now we're both late. :)

    1. Thanks! Better late than never right?! So glad I found your blog..I look forward to reading it every day:)