Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy 2014! Wow -- how can it be 2014 already!? And how pathetic is it that I have not done a blog post since July.....yes JULY, 6 months ago. Patty boy and I have been blessed in so many ways this past year and are truly beyond thankful for our health, love, family, and friends. Our relationship has grown in so many ways this past year, and I look forward to what 2014 brings us!

Thought I'd do a quick  recap of some highlights of the year, also because I'm losing my mind and find it hard to remember what I did last it will just be nice to look back on this one day..:)

  • 2013 started out with a bang and we (or should I say) Pat, began the long, never-ending, money sucking basement project. To say I'm sick of dust is such an understatement.

  • In February I turned 27 (I already find it hard to keep track of my age...omg), and I had a great time with some fabulous friends on our progressive dinner.

  • Shortly after my birthday we packed up our bags and made a long hike to Crested Butte, CO for a skiing trip over Valentine's weekend. It was only my second time to ever ski, and after that go around, I think from now on I will spend my time taking part in less dangerous activities:) However, we had a blast with some of our great friends!

  • In April I had to make a trip to LA for my job so the hubby came along with me and we stayed for a few extra days. We spent time in LA, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Malibu. We had a great time shopping, hiking, celebrity spotting, and enjoying the awesome weather. :) We even had a chance to eat at the famous Ivy!

  •  In June we drove down to Beaver Lake for a long weekend and stayed in a lake house with some of our great friends Nick & Ashley + LOTS of kids..:) We had a great time tubing, boating, and spending time with friends we don't get to see near enough!

  • In August we turned around and headed south again, this time to Dallas to visit my cousins, attend Addi's first communion and do some shopping for the basement! We came home with a truck load of stuff so I call that a success! 

  • In September, Pat and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary, his 10 Year Class Reunion, and went to the much anticipated Luke Bryan concert with Nick and Ash, he is my absolute fav and we had such a great time.

  • October was another exciting month as we flew down to Phoenix with some friends, went on our first hot air balloon ride for our (late) anniversary, hiked the Superstitious Mountains and explored Phoenix and Scottsdale. I absolutely fell in love with Arizona and the heat and am already planning on retiring there:)

  • Also in October, I started my first in-depth 10-week bible study with a very good friend of mine, Amanda. I don't really think either of us knew the time commitment we were about ready to jump into, but what an amazing experience it was. It not only brought our friendship to a new level, but it honestly changed my life. 2013 was definitely a challenging year for me in many ways, this bible study could not have happened at a more perfect time. The main thing I now know whole-heartedly (I knew this before I started, but I now know it on a whole different level)- God WANTS us to be happy, he hates to see us suffer, and he ALWAYS has the best intentions for us. I will continue to be patient, and let God guide me in life to where HE wants me to be. We are all guilty of this in life- we complain about everything, and take for granted the abundant amount of blessings we wake up to every day. So I have started a gratitude journal. Each day I write down 3 blessings, acknowledge them, and take a minute to reflect on why I am thankful for them. I truly encourage this. It has humbled me and opened my eyes to so many things. I am truly looking forward to starting the next study and can't wait to see where this one takes me.

  • November and December were honestly such a blur. Between Thanksgiving, celebrating Pat's 29th birthday, going on our family vacation, and finishing the basement, it honestly seemed like we blinked and it is now 2014. We just got back from our family cruise which was a much needed, relaxing, never wanted it to end trip. Between all of the hustle and bustle it was so nice to turn off our phones, step away from the stress of every day life and just talk, spend time with the closest people and ones we love.

  • The basement is now done, pictures to come of the final project but we are still finishing a few small odds and ends. I am beyond proud of Pat, he has spent grueling hours finishing the basement over this past year and doing it all on his own with some help here and there from family/friends. What an accomplishment! Even more reasons to love this boy.

  • We were so blessed to have many Christmas' to attend, spending time with lots of family, and rang in the New Year with a great group of friends.

As for 2014, we actually have NOTHING and you know what, I am totally okay with that. I'm sure stuff will pop up along the way, but we are looking forward to slowing down a bit this year, enjoying our basement, and taking life as we go. Happy 2014 to all!



  1. Amber! What a great year you have had full of blessings! I love that you have a gratitude journal. It makes a huge difference. What Bible study did you do? Also - what do you have in mind for your next one? If you want - I'd be happy to offer some suggestions. I'm about to start a study with a friend here in Woodward. =) Happy 2014 to you!

    1. Beka I did Beth Moore's - A Woman's Heart- God's Dwelling Place, it was awesome. I'm honestly not sure about the next one, so any suggestions you have would be helpful and appreciated! Happy 2014 to you as well!

  2. What a fun year for you guys! I wish I could travel that much:). Loved the part about your bible study and being patient, not taking things for granted, and counting our blessings. I definitely need to be reminded of that and let life happen as it is intended to. Looking forward to the big basement reveal!