Monday, February 10, 2014

February AKA The month of being snowed in

Life lately...
Well it hasn't been too exciting to be honest. Here in Kansas we have gotten lots of snow over the past two weeks, which hasn't melted and the roads haven't been cleared, therefore I become even more of a homebody, but I'm okay with that. I am grateful that we haven't gotten near the amount as some places, but I will say I'm ready to get out of the house! I love to be active so all of this sitting around the house is starting to drive me crazy!

However, we have had some fun this month. Our good friends Stacy and Tyler got married February 1st, so we braved the cold and celebrated such a special day for them.

Me and Lover Boy

Great friends

Amanda and I

The beautiful bride

Alexa and Kendra

We then celebrated my Dad, Grandma, and I's birthdays over this past weekend. Last week I came down with a terrible sinus infection, can I mention how much I HATE being sick, seriously it's such a waste of time. Needless to say, I hate going to the doctor and always think "I can just fight this," well after pretty much losing my voice 5 days later I decided it was time to get on some medicine.

Between being sick and all of this snow, it made for a pretty uneventful birthday. That is okay though. I got to spend time with the most important people, esp my hubs, relax, eat birthday cupcakes, watch movies, and stay in my sweats all weekend, which is always nice every once in a while right?! :)

I'm VERY much looking forward to some 60 degree temps this weekend!

Happy Monday!


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