Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday FAVS

Happy Friday Friends!

1. Birthday dinner for a great friend.
2. Finally got to meet Jack & Joe, cutest little babies every.
3. Buddy went to work with Daddy today, melts my heart, love this guy..
4. Flowers from a great client at work, made my day, and week!
5. Bday for Julie, from none other than WOW cakes, yummo!

What do you all have planned for the weekend?? What are my plans you may ask?? A whole lot of NOTHING! And I couldn't be more excited.....ahhh I'm anticipating much needed "couch" time, which will consist of blogging, online shopping, facebooking, and more online shopping, sounds pretty great if you ask me! Oh and a much needed hair appt. think I may chop the tresses..needing a change. We'll see what I come out with.

Today is also Patty boy and I's 11-month anniversary, so crazy to think that at this time last year I was a complete nut job, about to lose my mind. So much less stress in life these days. I like it much better this way. Get ready for some fun posts to reminisce about our wedding in the next month. I never got to blog about it (I hadn't become a crazy blog addict yet), so I'll be blogging about my fav moments of the day.

Have a wonderful weekend ya'll!

Much Love~

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