Thursday, February 21, 2013

Skiing may not be my fortay...

Last Wednesday the hubs and I packed up our stuff and headed out to good ole' Colorado with seven of our good friends. To break up the long drive we stayed in Colorado Springs Wednesday night before heading on to Crested Butte the next day.

Love these girls!

Beautiful Colorado Springs

On Thursday, we headed on to Crested Butte. After what seemed like a never ending drive through the mountains and a major snow storm in Monarch, we finally made it to our little humble abode!

"PAT please drive slow...PAT please slow down..PAT I do not want to slide off the side of this mountain.."

 For the next several days we enjoyed multiple fires, sitting around the table playing games, cooking, and enjoying the peace and quiet.

The boys even cooked us dinner on Valentine's Day, even doing all the clean up as well, what sweeties!

And then of course we hit the slopes. I had only been skiing one other time, back when I was probably 15 or so. So to say the least, skiing is not quite my thing. But I did give it a go, hyperventilated a bit on the lift, but didn't die, so all is good:)

Kendra and A-ron the adventurous ones

Nick G my saving grace
Nick and Casey, Casey was a first time skier, so I stayed with her most of the time and we just snow plowed our little hearts away:)

Time for a break- how about some spiked hot chocolate? Pretty dang good.
I went with the spiked apple cider

Patty boy sure impressed me on his board and all.

Don't fall, don't fall, don't fall.

Then of course we had to site see a bit in the city Crested Butte, such a cute, quaint little town with many fun shops/bars.

Here we partaked in some rum tasting
First time I've ever had a Bloody Mary, but these were accompanied with a full bloody mary bar of toppings, after trying, I was pleasantly surprised.

Back to Kansas we came, to be hit with MORE snow. Next time I vote we travel to a place MUCH warmer! Arizona, Florida, California, Hawaii, any takers???



  1. Love all the pictures on this post!! Looks like you had a great time. I have a feeling we would be terrible ski partners haha...constant hyperventilation and maybe a few tears (or maybe that's just me). I'm glad you gave it another try, though! That little cabin is SO cute. You will have to give me the info on it maybe we will rent it out sometime!


    1. Um yes, there were tears unfortunately .. Nothing to be proud of ha! BUT the worst part were the dang lifts... Omg I just can't do them, major major freak out session, ha. But at least I tried:)