Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Happenings

Well another birthday has come and gone, and what a good one this was! I spent my 27th birthday with my husband and closest friends, wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I was overly excited for the weekend, especially to have two days off in in a row, much, much needed. Friday was a long day at work, but I was surprised with this little beauty which brought such a smile to my face. My good friend Rae was out of town for my b-day so she sent me this to work Friday afternoon. She knows me well, yummy!

 Friday night after work Pat and I hit the gym then headed out to celebrate my fellow February birthday friend, Tessa. Of course it's always fun to see her and G. Saturday I woke up fairly early, hit the gym again, ran some errands, got a spray tan (this white girl was just way to pasty), and was surprised with this from my sweet husband.

 Probably some of my favorite cupcakes ever. JRae's, you sure know how to make a girl happy.

 We then had a progressive dinner planned with some of my best friends. Ivan and Ashley had generously offered for us to use their little yellow bus, so we all met up to head out for the evening. As I stepped on to the bus, one of my best friends, Keesha and her husband Garrett were sitting in it, I about died!! They live in Dallas and we don't get to see them to often, so what a surprise it was to see her on my birthday!  Nicely done Keesh, nicely done:)

We started at Oeno's for some apps, then headed to Yia Yia's for the main course, we rounded things up with Mike's Wine Dive for some delicious s'mores.

Keesha and I
My good friends Nick and Ashley also happened to be in town from KC, so glad they were able to join!

Us with my good friend Amber and her husband Chad. Another friend that I just don't get to see near enough!

Me and Tessa - the other birthday girl!

Another surprise from Patty boy- a Marc Jacobs purse. Boy I'm a lucky girl:)

Yep, 5 minutes into the night and I spilt red wine ALL over my jeans, nice...

Love this girl!

S'Mores- Delish

The group in front of the bus (sorry, stole this from you Tessa!)


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