Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Wraps

Happy February Friends! This is a great month for two reasons.
1. It's my birthday month 2. It's Valentine's Day!

I know many hate the holiday for love, but I am a romantic at heart and just love it. I have a great idea for Patty boy up my sleeve, more on that to come in a few weeks.

I simply had a wonderful, semi-relaxing weekend, even though I had to go in to work for just a bit I still made due with my time off.

Saturday night we celebrated the January/February birthdays in the family at my parent's house. My Mom made a mexican feast that was to die for and we celebrated my Dad, Grandma and My birthday! It was great and much needed family time was wonderful.

I got wonderful presents, and am so thankful, here are a few of my favs:) 
TOM's black chambray wedges. In Love.

Urban Decay Naked 2, I've been wanting this stuff for months, it's hard to track down so getting it for a gift is perfect!

This tile is from my Aunt and Uncle- so cool! It's already on display on the fireplace.

After the birthday festivities, I ended the weekend with a hot yoga class, an amazing boxing class, a long walk with Buddy to enjoy the beautiful weather and a little bit of baking. I made some Pumpkin Protein Bars (I never get sick of pumpkin) for Pat and I to take with us to work this week. Great source of protein and will definitely curve hunger! They are great warmed up and topped with a little frozen nonfat whipped cream if you need an extra bit of sweetness.

Pumpkin Protein Bars 

 You can find the recipe HERE. I went for the second version, the lowfat/lowcarb option and they turned out great!

me and my main squeeze at my parents

Best parents in the world!

 Hope you all had a great weekend!
 Now it's time to relax, watch the super bowl, and get ready for another llooonngg week.



  1. I have the UD Naked original and Naked 2 and I am obsessed with both of them!! Happy Birthday month to you!

  2. You are gorgeous girl! I LOVE Naked 2, I use it every day! Newest follower, let's be friends :)