Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Wraps

Life lately is busy, what's new. Frankly, I just don't have the time to update my blog like I truly wish I did... I wish I could spend my day blogging, reading other blogs, and more blogging... but instead I find myself with absolutely no time to even update my blog and a struggle to keep up with some of my favs. But I am blessed, and life is good, so I will continue to squeeze in one of my favorite hobbies when I can.
This weekend was a good one, I did have to work on Saturday, but still felt like I got a lot accomplished and got some good quality time in with Patty boy. We had planned on a date night Friday night, reservations were made and everything, but then we both got off work and it was absolutely GORGEOUS outside, so we decided to cancel our plans, and grill and sit outside instead, perfectly alright with me:) We made some yummy pork chops and delicious grilled sweet potatoes. Saturday was spent doing the normal Saturday stuff- working out, cleaning, laundry, etc. but work was thrown in this mix as well so the day went by extra fast.
Today was St. Patrick's Day, (wow I think this is the first st. patty's day I haven't gone out and "partied", sheesh really am getting old) as well as our 1 1/2 year anniversary. Pat had a lot of family in town, and his cousin's band was playing at Mike's Wine Dive so we hung out there most of the evening while eating a great dinner to, they have the best food!

"Green" attire for the night.

Pat and his Green Beer

1.5 years, wow how time flies

Now, it's almost 11pm, which is wwwaaayyy past my bedtime, for real I'm not joking, I'm usually in bed NO later than 10pm, so I'm assuming tomorrow will be an extra rough Monday morning. Oh yea, something I else I wanted to share which is completely random, but so worth it.
My friend Kalene is a personal trainer and I'm always looking to their site for new recipes, foods, exercises, etc. She recently had mentioned THESE on her site so I checked them out and soon learned they were a must have. I ordered the variety pack with 12 flavors, all of them have been awesome. I truly believe they are the best protein bar on the market by far, made with all nature foods (aka ingredients that you can pronounce), packed with TONS of protein and fiber, these things are great post-work out go to's. Give them a try!

Okay, now it's really past my bed time, good night all!


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