Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A year in review..

Happy 2013!!!
I am happy to say that I have not moved from the couch yet today..and it is 2:08 pm. BUT I do have good reason for that my friends, I was on my feet for 17 hours yesterday as I helped throw the party to be at in Wichita, KS for NYE. I have now been with my new job for 3 months and in that few months, a large amount of time was planning and preparing for NYE. So needless to say, I am completely exhausted and am ready to get back to some normalcy with my life. 

Today also marks my one year blogger anniversary! 71 posts the past year..which is way more than what I thought, so not to shabby for my first year either I guess. My hope for 2013 is to definitely blog more, if only I can find the time.

2012 was definitely not the easiest year, lots and lots of changes in life. But it was a good year..and I am beyond blessed, much much to be thankful for.
So.....let's get on with the recap of 2012. 
A lot of firsts this year..Patty boy and I celebrated our ONE year Wedding Anniversary. Hard to believe.

We also celebrated our one year anniversary in our first home together. With lots of house projects completed the last year, our biggest accomplishments have been complete new flower beds, remodeled kitchen and bathroom, and a new yard. Next up- basement project. As fun as owning your first home is, what an experience it has been living together, it's all about compromise, patience, and communication. All things that I continue to work on every day.

Pat and I are HUGE country music fans and I have been dying to see Jason Aldean in concert for longer than I can remember, my dream came true finally when him and Luke Bryan came to Wichita. I would see them again in a heartbeat! We were also lucky enough to see Carrie Underwood as well, and she is just simply amazing!

My little sister Cortney also got married in June. So right after our wedding, I turned around and began planning once again. With multiple showers, a bachelorette party, and of course the wedding, it all turned out beautiful, Cortney married the guy of her dreams, and I have a new brother-in-law!

The hubs got me my very own bike for my birthday so bike riding has become a new favorite activity when we have the time. Patty boy and I completed the Tour de Cure 25 mile bike race. What a fun memory that was! Next up the 50 mile possibly?!

We also went on several trips throughout the year.

Bull Shoals Lake

 Multiple trips to Kansas City for friends' weddings.

Trip to Dallas to visit one of my best friends Keesha and her husband Garrett. Went to a Texas Rangers game while we were there.

Trip to Pittsburg, KS to visit my little sister Paige at college. We all crammed into her little house and had such a fun time together!

 And the biggest trip of all, the trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate our friend's Chris and RaeAnn's marriage!

Between all of the trips, parties, get togethers, family time, etc. Pat and I both also got new jobs the past year, so we have been learning and adjusting to new schedules and career changes, which has definitely been intersting to say the least.

Even though I had to work last night, at least Pat got to come and spend the night with me.
 Happy New year's!

What a busy busy year it was, but looking back it's amazing to see what all was accomplished and done. We are looking forward to a new year, and to see all that 2013 brings!

Much Love~


  1. Wow you're gorgeous! What a great year for you, love the pictures! New follower :)

  2. This was a fun post to read! You achieved more blog posts in one year since I have in the entire existence of my blog so I would say you're doing great :). I'm so jealous you got to see Jason Aldean and that you have a new bike - two things definitely on my "want" list! Your house looks super cute, hope to see you soon. XOXO Katie

  3. Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, I am so so jealous! Love them both! Your blog is darling!


  4. Your wedding pictures are so gorgeous!!