Saturday, January 26, 2013

I missed my chance...

If you know me well, you know that my dream is to own a clothing boutique. I think about it all the time and even dream about it..I've considered starting from scratch or even owning a franchise. Obviously this dream will not happen any time soon, because there is A LOT of money involved, of which financially is impossible right now.

A few years ago, I was researching owning a business and the different opportunities involved, and I stumbled upon Apricot Lane and fell in love. I could totally see myself owning this store and making it successful in Wichita, KS, without a doubt. It's a franchise boutique clothing store and is popping up all over the country. At the time they were in the process of opening one in Kansas City so I had considered multiple times going up to talk to the owner of the Kansas City boutique to get some information. I read the entire site through and through and knew everything that was entailed in opening the I presented my plan to Pat...and got shut down pretty quickly. Sigh... and that was kind of the end of that.

Fast forward a few years.

Thursday I ran to the Gap to exchange something and low and behold saw a sign around the corner right next to Yia Yia's, Apricot Lane- opening Spring of 2013. I was with Pat at the time and screamed STOP...and I said OMG LOOK, he of course was like what the heck is wrong with you, and when he saw the sign he instantly knew what I was talking about...I just can't believe it. That could totally have been me. It's exactly where I would have even put the store.
So the point to all of this, TAKE CHANCES AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

I wish the store the best of luck, and hope that it succeeds and Wichita welcomes it nicely.



  1. I found out about Apricot Lane by watching LolaMarie on Youtube she always raves about the store so I always shop at the Peoria IL website she recommended and I saw the franchise information a few months ago and was telling my husband I bet that would do amazing East/West in Wichita because boutiques are so popular now. It reminded me a lot of Francesca's but I liked Apricot Lane more...but when I saw the franchise cost, dreams died. And then I saw the post on the wichita eagle about it coming to town 3 weeks ago and I told my husband, "TOLD YOU!" I feel your pain :)I can't wait for it to open!

  2. I know right?! Why does everything have to be SO expensive!?!? I also saw they are putting in a cute jewelry/accessory boutique next to Fresh Market, it looks pretty good to!

  3. I didn't know that! Awesome, I'll have to check that out!