Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So this is a post of complete pointless information, well most of my posts are pretty pointless, but this one really has no point, I just need to vent, so if you don't feel like reading me ramble feel free to skip this post...

I was home by 6:30 tonight, praise the Lord. So I've spent the last hour getting caught up with my favorite blogs, and feeling so annoyed that I'm so behind with everyone else's lifes (isn't this pathetic??)

Time is precious. Seriously, there is just not enough of it in a day.. lately I have been really wondering why we spend such precious time doing things that aren't the most important things in our life, I mean yea, I know you need money to live, but we (or most people) spend more time away from their families than with them. Spending time at a job, and for a lot of people, that is a job that they do not love. I would really like to know the statistics on whether or not people love what they do, because it seems that more often than not people are unhappy with their job.

As I mentioned a while ago I switched companies, and with that move came much more working and longer hours...way longer hours and I'm honestly feeling a way bit overwhelmed and quite frankly, yes, throwing myself a pitty party.

I'm angry, yes angry and frustrated that I cannot seem to find any time to get ANYTHING accomplished. I have yet to spend my giftcards from Chistmas (if you know me, then you know that I cannot keep a giftcard for longer than a few days, it's like I MUST spend it asap). I'm annoyed that Pink Saloon has had two AWESOME sales which I actually tried to make it to both but somehow could not leave work and by the time I did both times, the store was closed. I'm annoyed that I have tried to pick up prescriptions multiple times but the pharmacies are closed by the time I get there. I'm annoyed that I haven't cleaned my house in wwayyy to long. I'm sad that I haven't spent longer than a few hours with my husband in who knows how long. I'm sad that my sister just went back to college, she was home for a month and I only saw her two times. I'm annoyed that my workout schedule is completely messed up. I'm even more annoyed that I haven't had a day off in over a week. I'm annoyed that I've had to cancel multiple plans because of my job. I'm annoyed that I can't remember when the last time I took a lunch break was. I'm annoyed that a great friend was in town over the weekend but I couldn't see her because I was working. I'm frustrated that I have no time to blog, check facebook, check my email, etc. and am jealous of those people that can spend their day doing so. I would love to start my own business, but how do I go about doing so when I have 0 free time? So what should I do about this? I don't know, but I'm trying to find the positive in this situation I'm stuck in right now, or I might seriously go crazy, I really think I'm on the verge.

I am employed
I have a job that is helping to support my family
At least I don't have kids right now, or I'd be the worst Mom ever and that would not be cool
I'm learning something new
Tomorrow is a new day

Ugh. That's all I got. Crap. I would say the pros do NOT outweigh the cons.

"Time is the worst four letter word there is, but sometimes thats what it takes in life. Give things time. Nothing that is worth anything happens over night, situations need time to unwrap and unfold so that you can see clearly what is in them and happening and not just focus on a single piece of the puzzle. With time answers will show up and with those answers the long awaited solution will shine in front of your face, and then the worries you've shed will seem pointless."


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