Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday All! I don't know about you but I am looking forward to the weekend! I wanted to share a site I recently came across and have become slightly addicted too, Food Babe. Beware, this site is a bit information overload, but oh so interesting. I don't necessarily agree with 100% of all of her opinions, but it sure makes you think about the foods you are putting into your body a bit more. I understand eating healthy can sometimes be a bit more expensive, but when you see all of the MANY benefits, the fact that you are lowering so many health risks, and overall just plain and simple taking the best care of the one body God gave you, why not invest in it a little more?
I love this video she shares on her site as well. You can find several other videos, as well as great recipe ideas, and many other tips and tricks. The list of the many company's ingredients that she has worked so hard to change is truly amazing!

I also read recently a great blog post about how one Mom spends $100 a week on groceries at Whole Foods for her family. Pretty impressive if you ask me. You can read her post here. It does take a bit more planning and efforts, but is also worth the savings. Just goes to show it can be done.

I personally have found it hard sometimes to buy organic in Wichita, we have several organic grocery stores but on the opposite side of town, so it just hasn't been that convenient. So when I can't, I always ensure I am reading nutrition labels to look and see what ingredients are in the food I'm buying. Recently however, construction started on a Natural Grocers literally right around the corner from us. I am pumped! I actually got invited to their Sneak Peek open house this Sunday and am more than thrilled to check it out! I have been to the east side Natural Grocers several times, but am excited to learn a bit more about the company and get a tour of the store. I will post a review on it next week and let you all know how it goes!

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  1. Love this!! Thank you for sharing darling!

  2. I'm so glad you found your passion and are sharing about it! Eating healthy makes a huge difference. I do eat healthy but at the same time I don't stress if I eat something unhealthy either. I' glad they are puttin a grocery store near you that will help you get better quality items.