Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Lately

Is it really April??? Not sure how it can be..but I will say I am more than ready for some nice weather, I'm totally not a cold weather gal.
I've had a lot of my mind lately, particularly the thought of what I should be doing with my life? Today's church sermon could not have been better, I felt that it was directed right at me. It was about living happy, as well as being emotionally and mentally happy. Our Pastor gave us a task this week and that is to make a list of everything we don't need in our lives. He made such a great point.
Happiness is not found by chasing new things, but by letting go of the things you don't need.We need to stop worrying about being the person we think everyone wants us to be, but be the person God made us to be.
Life lately has been pretty good, I've been working a bit more of a normal schedule, still not ideal but better so I'll take it. I've been really contemplating what I want to do with my life it normal to do this when you are 27?? Please tell me yes. I've now been out of college for almost 5 years, sheesh. Yea- I'm proud of myself and feel that I have been pretty successful and am at a good point in my career, I work in the corporate world, wear suits every day to work (I always had dreamed of dressing up like this for a job) but is it what I really want to do?? Am I passionate about my job? No.
And I think this is the whole problem, I don't feel like there is a purpose, or I am making a difference. I want to be passionate about what I am doing, enjoy going to work every day (okay I know that is not realistic, but at least the majority of the time), have more of a flexible job/hours, and NOT wear a suit every day. Ha- boy have my thoughts changed. So what am I truly passionate about?
Fashion and Nutrition. My ultimate dream for as long as I can remember is to own a boutique. But of course that takes some funds, lots and lots of moo-lah, more than a 27 year old has. So..that is a good long-term goal. But what about now? I am intrigued by nutrition and health. I would have loved to become a dietitian, but never wanted to take those classes in college (aka science) so I pushed it aside. I absolutely love reading about food and what it does for your body and learning how different foods effect people. And I want to to help people, I want to make a difference in someones life. So that is where I am at.... I've been doing some research on different routes to take, so we will see where life takes me. I want to be the person God wants me to be, and I will pray that he will point me in the right direction and lead me to the field I need to be in.
So what else? Well we have been working away on the basement. I'm so proud of patty boy, he has been working his tush off and things are coming along. Pictures to come:)

Last weekend was Easter, God blessed us with an absolutely beautiful day. The hubs and I spent the day with family. We started out with Church, followed by brunch at my parents and then off to Beloit to visit his Grandpa.


My youngest sister, Paige and her boyfriend were also in town for Easter so we had my family over Saturday night to watch the WSU game.

This weekend was followed with some more amazing weather! I am loving the weather (however the allergies are not). I love when I have productive days, Saturday was one of them! We started the day with a great Title Boxing workout (I could not be more obsessed with this place), then made it to the Farmer's Market (first weekend it was opened). We picked up some fresh herbs and vegetables. We then headed to the grocery store to get our food for the week, ran to Lowes to get some grass seed and headed back home to get some yard work done. We got the flower beds all cleaned out, the house power washed, and planted my new herbs in my little herb garden. I took Buddy on a quick walk and then it was game time! 

Today will be spent getting some cooking done for the week, I hope to get in a good run to! Oh and clean out my closet, it's in dire need!

I've already made some fresh pesto, I freeze this in an ice cube tray and then can pop out a few cubes when needed for a quick dinner. Throw on some sauteed chicken and boom- dinner is served.

I'm also a girl who has a major sweet tooth, I won't deny that. I have found these to be the perfect sweet treat!

They are little protein truffles. Simply made with some protein powder, coconut flour, water, walden farms peanut butter spread, coconut oil, and water. Delish!

Happy Spring!


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