Monday, May 14, 2012

Tour de Cure

This past weekend Pat and I biked in the Tour de Cure race for the American Diabetes Association. As I mentioned in this post on 2.13.12, the hubs got me my very own bike for my bday. It was put to great use on Saturday as we biked 25 miles! I had done the race last year and assured Pat not to worry, he'd do just fine. Let's just say Pat is not much into cardio...I could never get him to run with me, so biking is probably the best I'll do. However, we probably hadn't biked more than 10 consecutive miles prior to the race. But we did it! I was so proud of him, seriously- I couldn't stop smiling:) We had a few lil' tiffs along the way, as he'd yell to me, "AMBER SLOW DOWN"....and then I would for a few miles...ha, what an experience. Next year I hope to somehow convince him to do the 40..we'll see how that goes! All in all, it was a great workout, for a great cause, and great weather!

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