Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 Things

These things are making me smile this week:)

1. Our new flower beds. After four tons of dirt, over 150 stones (all shoveled and lifted by Pat and I) What a difference this can make to a house! (More pics to come of finished product)

2. Pat's new shoes....yes I know, they are not mine, but I'm slightly obsessed with them, and wish I had a pair as cool!! They are actually bright orange and neon green in person, LOVE.

3. My new chevron maxi skirt...seriously SO comfy...I could wear this everyday no doubt.

4. A new lawn chair.
After searching for what seems like forever for a new "laying out" chair I finally found what I was looking for at Target. Do people not make these anymore or what?! AND just to clarify I did stop tanning in tanning beds about a year ago, came to a realization on that one....but I must admit you will find me laying out this summer, relaxing and reading and soaking up some rays. I mean sunlight gives you vitamin D right? So a little is healthy and good for you, I'll just try not to go overboard.

5. A Pop of Glitter (everything is better with a pop of sparkle right?!). I'm obsessed with this multi-colored nail look! I do have to say I've gotten some questions and weird looks about it though...

Much Love~

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