Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I ate Wednesday

Boy, is it only Wednesday? I feel like it should be Friday tomorrow. We have a busy weekend ahead of us, moving my little sis home from college and then celebrating Mother's Day, but it will be nice to spend some good time with the fam. Lately, I feel like I have realized much more- family is such a blessing, a blessing that is so easily taken for granted. They are really the only ones who will always have your back, be there for you at absolutely any second, the good and the bad, be honest when you need to hear the truth, support anything you do, and continually give you the confidence and courage to persevere! And that is what truly matters...unconditional love.

I haven't gotten much sleep the last few nights, I'm usually out once I hit the bed and never budge until the alarm goes off, but for some reason I've tossed and turned all week, finding it impossible to sleep. It's finally catching up with me, I could literally fall asleep as I'm typing this. I pray for a good nights' rest!

So here's what I ate today on this Wednesday--

Breakfast- Easy Delicious Breakfast Hash courtesy of one of my fav food blogs, love this girl and the blog. It never disappoints.

Via PaleOMG

Snack- protein shake with unsweetened almond milk

Lunch- I made a yummy salad with spinach leaves, some turkey bacon, feta cheese, sliced turkey, and some pumpkin seeds, topped with a little EVOO and vinegar. This held me over until my preworkout snack.

Snack- celery with natural almond butter, lowfat string cheese with a few slices of organic turkey breast

I got out of work on time to make my 5:30pm title boxing class, my tiredness was catching up with me and I was honestly dreading the class, but once I got going I felt great, and was SO happy that I didn't skip, its just what I needed after a day/week like I've had. However, my body is now completely exhausted- I did some intense strength training last night- shoulders, biceps, and back, and after punching a bag for an hour tonight, holy cow-- I can barely lift my arms.

Dinner- I came home to dinner on the table- I love these kind of meals:) Patty boy through together some chicken fajita meat (we buy our chicken from Yoder meats- you can find pastured and cage free chicken there) and sauteed peppers/onions, topped with some salsa verde.

I then threw together a quick side of some yummy coleslaw, this is my new favorite go-to side dish. It's delish and dairy free, you would never know! You can find the recipe HERE. Another blog favorite. Why can't I spend my day reading blogs??

Via Detoxinita

That's it for today, its time for some shut-eye.


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