Saturday, May 18, 2013

A day of nothing

I'm currently enjoying my "me" time that I haven't had much of these days. We don't have a single thing planned for the weekend, and I can't remember that last time this occurred. I'm soaking it in, and wishing this weekend would not end.
I slept in until 8am, O.M.G that felt amazing! I can't remember the last time I did that either! Made the hubs breakfast-

We are addicted to to this Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash that I mentioned HERE. Topped with a few eggs this stuff is delicious and the perfect meal pre workout.
We got in a great workout this morning at Title Boxing then did some quick grocery shopping. I'm now working on some of the biz stuff for my new adventure, which I mentioned HERE.

By the time we got home it was time for lunch so I ate some leftover chicken salad that I had made earlier on in the week.

 I just threw this simple recipe together. We had smoked some organic whole chickens so I took some of the chicken and shredded it to make some chicken salad. I added some non-fat greek yogurt and a tad bit of low-fat mayo, lemon juice, fresh parsley and cilantro, salt, pepper, some chopped apple, pumpkin seeds, and a handful of unsweetened dried cranberries. Delish and filling!

We then plan on heading to Church and then dinner at Ciao for a date night. Something else that hasn't happened in several weeks. We've had a gift card to Ciao since Christmas, lol I told you we don't go out much. I've been hearing such great things about this place so I'm super excited to try it!!

Oh- I also wanted to share this awesome picture from Botanica last weekend. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous right now!

We celebrated Mother's Day by taking Pat's Mom to lunch at La Fiesta after Church and then headed to Botanica to enjoy the nice weather and beautiful flowers. We then came home and I spent the afternoon cooking up a storm for my family. We grilled some delicious hamburgers and sausages followed with some yummy coleslaw, grilled sweet potatoes, jalapeno poppers, corn casserole, and pink lemonade cupcakes. We were STUFFED to say the least. It was a great day spent with both of our Mom's so blessed to have them both in our lives! 


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