Friday, January 16, 2015

I've Got Friends in Low Places...

Last weekend we headed south to Tulsa to go see Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. We went with some of our friends Chris & RaeAnn, Nick & Casey, and Sean. Pat has seen Garth before but it has always been a dream of mine to go too one of his concerts. It made it even better than he was with Trisha this go around, because I LOVE HER! It was a bit of a debacle to get the tickets....everything kept selling out so we ended up with a 10:30 pm show time. How on earth do people get floor seats?? It just amazes me...well we got tickets so that is all that matters!
When I found out the concert was at 10:30 I was a bit worried, that is definitely past my bedtime so it would be interesting!!

We got into town and headed to dinner then found this super fun 80's bar to hang out at until it was time to head to the concert. 80's music makes anything fun:) We were only about 5 blocks away so even though it was freezing I didn't think it would be too bad of a walk. We started heading to the BOK Center about 10pm but ran into a HUGE line..apparently his first show ran over. They wouldn't let anyone into the arena until everyone had cleared out from the first show. This means 15,000 people stood in line for 2 HOURS! Yes 2 HOURS! It was sooooo cold and I was definitely getting extremely grumpy. My feet hurt but then went numb from the cold, blah! We were in the BACK of the line too, it never felt so good to finally get inside to some warmth. After finding our seats the concert got started probably a little after midnight. He played until almost 3am, crazy! Never thought I'd be at a concert this late! I think we finally got to bed about 4:30am, wow- can't say I've done that ...ohhh let's see probably in the last 10 years!

BUT it was so worth it! The concert was absolutely amazing and I am so glad we went. He truly is an amazing entertainer. I wouldn't mind even going again when he comes to Wichita. However, if he does back to back shows I will make sure we have tickets to the earlier one:)

My most favorite song:)

Happy Friday!


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