Monday, June 9, 2014

Life Lately

Hello! last update was in February, and it's now June- oopsies! It is just crazy how fast the time gets away these days. This just gives me more to try and remember, which these days seems like it gets harder and harder to do.

So let's see first things first, in February Pat and I received the best news ever; we were going to be expecting our first niece or nephew in September! I was sooooo estatic when I found out, okay let's be honest, and extremely emotional, I just couldn't contain myself. My baby sister was now going to be having a baby, sheesh, so crazy! We couldn't be happier for Cort and David, we also now know that it is a BOY and we will be having a little nephew, Wyatt James, I can't wait to meet this little guy:) I don't think my Dad stopped grinning the entire night we all found out, it is going to be so weird to have a boy in our family, but also so exciting! Babyshower planning is well under way, I can't wait to help throw Cort her shower this August:)

In February, Pat and I also made it down to Oklahoma City for a Thunder game. We took a few of his clients to the game and got a night away. I then turned around and drove straight up to Kansas City for my Chi-Omega Sorority Reunion the next day. It was such a fun weekend, so good to catch up with so many that I hardly ever get to see. It is hard to believe I have been out of college for SIX years, but yet when we all get together it seems like just yesterday we were all living together!

March and April were blurs as we had several birthdays, Easter, family get togethers, etc. We also did a lot of yard work, planted flowers, and enjoyed a few free weekends.

While I was in KC, a few of us girls got this great idea to do a girls trip to Scottsdale in May, so that is what we did, the next day it was booked and the countdown was on. My friend Holli's parent's have a condo (which was amazing) and we pretty much had our own pool (no one else seemed to want to joint us- not sure if we were too loud?!). It was seriously SO much fun, sometimes you don't realize how much these types of get a ways are needed until you do it. I haven't laughed that hard and that much in a long time, gosh I want to go back already!


Before I had left for Scottsdale we had sold my car, so very bittersweet. But yes, it was time to start thinking about the future and how I would probably need something bigger eventually. Before I got back I was a little stressed about not having a car on Monday, etc. etc. Pat had picked me up from the airport and we turned on our street, and low and behold, my good ole' hubby had already taken care of it. New car in the driveway. He is pretty darn amazing. So now I have upgraded to a 4-door, or a Mom car as I would like to call it. First 4-door ever in my life, I officially feel old.

As the nice weather started to arrive, it was also time for me to start hitting the pavement again. I run here and there throughout the year on the treadmill, but don't do a whole lot of outside running most of the year, mainly do to the weather, and I get bored, I have to keep things mixed up. It felt great to get back outside again and enjoy the fresh air though. In May I did my first "Color Me Rad" 5K race with my friend Caitlin, I wasn't sure what to expect but it was fun (besides the darn humidity). Oh and the fact that the majority of the people walked so we had to run through the grass and mud the entire time, still worth it though:)

The following weekend was the annual River Run 10K race which we also did together. I have done this race several times, but this was the hottest I have ever remembered, mostly due to the humidity, boy it sure was a hot one, but we did it!

Now it is June and I can't believe summer will soon be over. We have lots to look forward to the remainder of the summer, and we leave for our vaca in 50 days, yes that's right, I have a countdown started, duh. Patty boy and I will soon be in Costa Rica, in this exact spot. Can. not. wait.



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