Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Month

HELLO FEBRUARY!!! Not only is it the month of LOVE, but also my birthday month, woohoo! Although, I don't get too excited for my birthday these days as I'm just getting closer to that big 3-0, which I'm terrified of! Pat seems to think since my b-day and v-day are only a week a part he gets to combine them into one, and that is definitely not the case! I need to train him on this a little more:)

I do have to say I'm loving 2012 so far, it's off to a fabulous start and I have big plans for this year! I'm a dreamer, a dreamer with very large dreams to say the least! One of our largest goals is to finish our kitchen...(this has been an on-going process since before the wedding). Well, I have good news- the boys have finally set an installation date, 2.11.12, which means this is super exciting! We are completely remodeling our kitchen. Pat and his Dad have taken on, what seems to be the never ending project, of making concrete countertops. Originally, we thought this would be a little cheaper than granite, with having a similar look, I actually like the look of the concrete better than granite. But due to so many trial and errors, it's been a little more pricy than expected, and much more time consuming. They are finally finished though and have turned out great!! I'm thoroughly impressed with them, I'm amazed at the things my husband can do! Now comes the hard part, taking the concrete countertops out of the forms in the garage and bringing them inside and installing (keep in mind we have over 500 lbs. of concrete) so this will definitely take several people, as I'm sure I'll be helping too. (good thing I've been lifting weights:) This same day we plan to rip out the backsplash, sink, and range hood and install some slate tile that we got. I can't wait to see the final job, and can't believe it's almost here! Keep your fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly! I will post pictures of the before and after!

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